Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pics from the 2012 Buffalo Jills Open Workshop

It's that time of year again as NFL Cheerleading squads are working to get girls together to get ready for the 2012 NFL Season. The Buffalo Jills took over the Bills Fieldhouse today where they hold their practices all year long and somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 young women showed up to learn the requirements of becoming a Buffalo Jill and, in the case of those looking to be on the sidelines, learn a routine that they'll be expected to perform next Sunday the 22nd.
To help out, several Buffalo Jills alumni helped with check-ins, CD and Instructional DVD sales, and clothing sales as well as helping with the many sponsors who were on hand for the workshop.
Stephanie G (2002) and Mickey (2002-04)

Current and past Ambassador Squad Captains
Laura, Danielle (2006-09), and Keisha (2007-11)

Gymnastic dynamo Jill  ready to return to dancing after last year's injury
posing with last year's dance rookie of the year Jenny

After the girls started rolling in, we saw a lot of familiar faces, a lot more brand new faces, and a few surprises as well. We also saw a lot of potential rookies who missed the cut last year but aren't giving up and hope to join the rank of some impressive ladies who missed the cut the first time only to make the squad later and have strong careers.

Myesha, Gina, Emily, Nicole, Jenny, Krystin, and Jami

After introducing the rookies to the captains and giving them a brief overview of what to expect, dancers went to the back of the Fieldhouse while Steph and Nichole talked more extensively with the Ambassadors.
even while stretching, Lindsey smiles for the camera

in the foreground, Miranda looking to make the switch to dance

I joined the dancers in the back of the Fieldhouse where, after the captains led everyone through some stretching exercises, they split off into 2 groups where Kelli, Omarlla, Lisa, and Loren taught one group and Christina, Val, and Emily worked with the other to teach them the routine until they pulled them all back together to iron out any rough spots and show what they learned.

taking a break, Jenny and Krystin with Kelly in the background

I, for one, am happy that Murissa is reconsidering retirement

Rita (2008) is rocking it

Kelly, Amanda V, and Melissa
Afterwards, while the Ambassador hopefuls headed out, the dancers went back up to the front of the Fieldhouse and, after showing off what they had learned to Steph, Nichole, and the sponsors, sat down to learn a lot of what the Ambassador hopefuls had learned.

All the pics can be found at
Coming up next is an Optional Workshop at the Gold's Gym on French Road in Depew. This is for anyone who missed today's workshop or just wants some extra practice and instruction with the captains. It runs from 8:30 til 10:30 and costs $20 for the whole workshop or $10 for info-only and $10 for dance-only. See all the details at
Next Sunday, the Bills Fieldhouse will be hosting 1st cuts, open to the public at a cost of $5 per person. The event starts at 1pm and will generally run around 4-5 hours or whenever everyone is done auditioning.

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