Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Pics and videos from Jills 1st cuts

This is an anxious time in the NFL. Players start reporting to their teams for offseason workouts, the NFL college draft is fast approaching, and NFL Cheerleader tryouts are in full swing. In Buffalo, after workshops have finished up, over 100 young ladies converged on the Healthy Zone Fieldhouse in Orchard Park in an attempt to become part of the 2012-13 Buffalo Jills and cheer on Mario Williams and Nick Barnett as they shut down opposing offenses and give Ryan Fitzpatrick, Fred Jackson, and Stevie Johnson lots of support as they run up the score in the AFC East.
Jills Coordinator Nichole, Eileen (2000-10), Danielle (2005-06)
 & Lisa (2003-06)
a potential rookie getting her photo taken by Jeff Fisher
The Jills have been reaching out to their alumni a lot the last few years, recruiting some to dance with them in Toronto in 2010 and over 100 of them to join them for a pregame performance last season. Nowhere is that evidence seen on a regular basis than in tryouts each year. Jills management and the captains can't do it all themselves and several alumni volunteer to help out each year, helping with registration, directing girls to where they need to go and assisting them with preparing for their audition. Some of the alumni helping haven't been with the squad in several years while others, like Amanda F and Keisha, only just retired. After registering with the alumni at the front door I don't know as well, the girls were directed over to submit their bio cards to several more alumni before getting individual photos taken by Jeff and Snjezana Fisher of Fisher Creative Image Photography, the official photographers of the Buffalo Jills.
Keisha (2007-11), Omarlla, and Lisa (2003-06)
Afterwards, they went to the back of the Fieldhouse to get ready for their auditions while families, friends, and other fans filled the seating around the judges to take it all in
Rebecca and Jessica
Jill and Myesha in matching outfits
Jills alumni helping out...Nicole P (2003-09) and Jillian (2004-06)
Beth (2011) and Danielle (current Bandette) in the audience
introducing the 2012-13 Jills captains to the crowd
Melissa and Nicole coming across the stage
Kelli interviewing Alyssa
Gina and Amanda V bringing it!

After things got started, Jills choreographer Kelli Wagner of Fusion Dance Studio introduced the Jills captains who then put on a performance before all the girls trying out paraded across the stage to introduce themselves to the judges and the fans. The captains then returned to the stage to show off the tryout routine to everyone in attendance.

Following that, tryouts progressed pretty quickly. Dancers came out in pairs, introduced themselves and performed to one of three songs. Ambassadors came out in groups of 3 and, after introducing themselves, drew a question for Kelli, acting as emcee for the event, to ask them.

Krystin looking even better than last year

After everyone tried out, they came back on stage in swimsuits to show off their physiques. With calendar shoots coming up next month, everyone needs to be in their best shape and can't wait to get in shape over the summer. Plus the swimsuit modeling gives the girls a chance to show how confidant they are in front of a crowd. Each girl came on stage while Kelli read off a bio card for each girl that they filled out themselves. Some were serious and some, like Jaclyn's, mixed in a bit of humor when she mentioned she liked short skips along the beach while Nicole said long walks. After reading Nicole's bio card, Kelli commented that she and Jaclyn must hang out together. In truth, Jaclyn was talking while working on her bio card about putting that on her card while someone else would mention the long walks.

See all the pics at Stay tuned throughout the week as more photos are added to the album as they're all processed.

Congratulations to all those who made it through 1st cuts and best of luck the rest of the week! See the complete list at
More than that though, congratulations to all those who even just tried out. It's not easy putting yourself out there like that. There's a lot of girls who want to get on the sidelines in the NFL that won't even try. If you missed the cut, don't let it get you down. There are several girls who have made the Jills who missed it their first tries. There may even end up being a number of rookies this year who missed it before. So keep working at it and give it a shot again next year!

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