Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jill-O-Ween 2005-revisited

Some of the Jills posing for the cameras
One event that the Jills had once upon a time was the Jill-O-Ween party, in which members of the Jills put on costumes and celebrated Halloween with friends and fans. Held at the "O" Restaurant and Lounge on Sheridan Drive, most of the Jills in attendance had fun with costumes supplied by George and Company. The fun actually started before the party as, after the Comedy Show a week before, Kelly was pretty excited to let me know how she was dressing a witch, not a scary witch but a funny witch. Korinne also let me know ahead of time what she was wearing as did Carrie. The night of the event, Nichole ran things and I recall a conversation with her discussing something that she said she never planned on doing that she changed her mind on....getting married. A pair of her rookie squadmates had gotten married a few weeks before and she said she had no interest in doing that with everything she had to deal with. Thankfully, she changed her mind on that after she met the right guy and she and Joe have just had their 2nd child.
Kelly the witch, Shana the French Maid, and Korinne as Marilyn Monroe

Officer Jena
In addition to hanging out with fans and friends while wearing costumes, the Jills put on a few dance performances and costume fashion shows, showing off the outfits they were wearing. Some of them were cute like Carrie's Easter Bunny outfit or Rachael as Little Red Riding Hood while others were sexy like Melissa's referee outfit and Jena's police officer costume. The best part was how they played off one another at times for poses for the camera. Rachael and Autumn have been the best of friends and regularly did appearances together. Totally without provocation, Autumn, dressed as a bee, "stung" her pal Rachael. Then there were others like Aimee the vampire going after fairy princess Amanda W.
Rachael and Autumn
It wasn't just the girls playing off each other though as Brittany, dressed as an angel, and Elena, dressed as a devil, posed for a photo with a fan dressed as a priest.
Brittany and Elena with a fan dressed as a priest
With one exception, the Jills didn't disguise their identities completely when in costume and I actually spent a chunk of the evening trying to figure out who the one exception really was. Eventually, I just gave up and asked Kelley T who it was. Unfortunately, Kelley also told this girl I didn't realize who she was and I spent the rest of the evening kissing up to Meg, dressed up extremely well as the Corpse Bride.
Aimee and Meg

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