Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Buffalo Jills at the 2005 FHM Release Party-revisited

When I started up the site in 2001, I didn't have high expectations or goals for it. I just wanted to improve the positive online exposure for the Buffalo Jills and all of Buffalo's professional cheerleading squads which, at that time, including the Jills and the Buffalo Bombshells, cheering on the Arena Football League's Buffalo Destroyers. The Buffalo Bandettes started up in 2001 as well, put together and, at the time, comprised of members of the Buffalo Jills. Over the years, I built up a few working relationships with the Bombshells director and with some of the Jills. Obviously no one sticks around for good and when the 2005 preseason rolled around, and I saw the new Jills roster, back when there was a lot more effort to keep the site up-to-date, there were very few very familiar faces. In fact, then-captain and current Jills coordinator Nichole and then-Ambassador Squad captain Kelly H were the only 2 left that actually knew me left on the squad.
In 2005, FHM Magazine, when they were still printing a US edition, included with their football preview a set of NFL Cheerleader photos with some info and 2nd year vet Ambassador Ashley D represented the Jills in that issue. To celebrate Ashley's accomplishment, the Jills held an FHM release party at Macaroon's in Cheektowaga complete with the whole squad and the executive editor and the editor-in-chief of FHM Magazine in attendance.
Jillian, Jamie, and Aimee
When I showed up, I saw a few familiar faces in the form of some established veterans like Aimee G, Jamie R, and Jillian as well as former Bombshells Korinne and Keiyonna and before long got a chance to talk to Nichole some before the evening really kicked off. Over the course of the evening, I met several more of the Jills, rookies and veterans alike. As a part of the evening, the Jills not only put on a few dance performances but a leather fashion show with outfits from one of the sponsors of the event. With Kelly, Lisa, Allison, Krystalore, and Rhiannon taking the stage to model outfits, that sponsor's business had to have improved immensely.
Nicole P, Jills choreographer Kelli Wagner, Jamie R, Eileen, and Hayley

Krystalore, Kelly, Rhiannon, and Lisa onstage at the end of the fashion show
The funniest part of the evening, for me at least, was a conversation I was holding with Eileen. People I work with know I have Bills season tickets yet some would still ask me if I was going to the game. My reaction has generally been a mock look of incredulity with the response "What kind of a question is that?" Well, Eileen asked me that question that evening, referring to the 1st preseason game the following week. On instinct, I gave her the look but before I could say anything, Kelly H showed up and delivered the very same line I always did.
Overall, the night was about the Jills, Ashley, and FHM, but it was also the night of the Bills preseason opener in Indianapolis and no one paid more attention to the game that was playing on the big screen than Keiyonna, a 2nd year vet who also spent some time as a Buffalo Bombshell. See all the pics at

From the Bandettes comes a photo from the January game against the Philadelphia Wings. LB's line was greeting fans as they came up the escalators to the 100 level as well as posing for photos. Shown posing for this photo are LB, MaKenzie, and Alicia.
LB, MaKenzie, and Alicia

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