Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Jills at the 2005 Buffalo Jills Adult Comedy Show-revisited

Kaitlin, Allison, Rhiannon, Meg, and Dominica
We continue our look back at photo sets from the past with the 2005 Buffalo Jills Adult Comedy Show. Held in October of 2005 at Witz End Comedy Club, the Comedy Show, which used to be a staple of the Buffalo Jills, featured Rob Lederman of 97Rock, Tom Tran of 103.3 The Edge, and was headlined by B.T., a comedian who's still working hard and making people laugh. You can follow him on Twitter at
Amanda P and Adrienne

Upon arrival, I was greeted at the door by the Jill who sold me the ticket, a rookie Ambassador by the name of Adrienne. She made a point of bragging to her director that she had made the sale at the game the previous weekend...of course everyone knew it wasn't a hard sale. The girls took turns working the door, selling raffle tickets, and keeping an eye on the Chinese auction items. One of the most memorable parts of the night actually involved a conversation with Adrienne. Born of Sicilian heritage, Adrienne had perhaps the most amazing abs I've ever seen on a cheerleader. Only Ayeshia (2007-09) and Natalie (2010-11 Jills and now with the GCC) have come close.
Rachael, Carrie, and Autumn
After the show, Ashlee A, a rookie Ambassador in 2005, invited a bunch of us to come down the street a few doors to hear her sing. A former contestant on American Idol, Ashlee is a talented singer who's still singing to this day, traveling with the Scintas for the last year and a half. At the time, she was the lead singer for the Studio 54 Dance Band, which is still performing today with only 2 of its original members. Myself, I spent some time talking with Korinne and a few of her friends before departing. On the way out to the parking lot, I heard Ashlee's singing voice coming from Flappy's and went in to watch and listen, where Kelly and Eileen were already enjoying the show.
Kelly and Ashlee
It's funny as I look back on that night as I've probably spent as much time with the band as I have with just about anyone else outside of tailgating. Had Ashlee not invited us all over, there's a lot of people I might never have met and become friends with, including State Senator Grisanti.
From the Bandettes comes a photo from the Bandits season finale against the Knighthawks. Just prior to heading out for their 3rd intermission performance, the Bandettes captains posed for a quick photo together. Shown posing are LB and Kirsten.
LB and Kirsten posing for the camera
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