Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Buffalo Jill of The Week Omarlla

This week's Jill of The Week should need no introduction as she spent more time as a Buffalo Jill, or as an NFL Cheerleader for that matter, than anyone ever has. Omarlla's 13 seasons are not only impressive and remarkable, but not something she had planned on when she first tried out in the spring of 2000 alongside current Jills coordinator Nichole. Truth be told, she and Eileen, who put in 11 seasons from 2000-2010 alongside Omarlla, took it all year by year and the biggest reason she kept coming back for all those seasons, besides the obvious fact that she could do it and do it well, was because she enjoyed it...getting to cheer on the Bills from the sidelines, getting to meet hundreds of new people, including new squadmates, every year, and all the new experiences. To say "O" had a remarkable career would be an understatement as she was named to the Pro Bowl after her 4th season and represented the Jills in the NFL Cheerleader Playoffs in the summer of 2006. At the start of that summer, she wasn't much of a swimmer at all but with her teammate Aimee's coaching, held her own in a water-based event as part of a 1st rd sweep of events for the pair.  Cheerleading captains are expected to lead their lines but Omarlla took that a step further. Without meaning anything negative towards other captains, Omarlla bred a special kind of loyalty from her linemates because she treated her linemates not as subordinates, but as her younger sisters. At 2006 tryouts, when one of the girls who had been on her line the previous fall was upset about the results, Omarlla came out to help console her. When Brianne, who had spent 2005-07 on Omarlla's line, came back to the Jills in 2010 after a couple years away, she was pretty excited to tell me she was back on Omarlla's line. You can read more about Omarlla at Omarlla's secondary photo comes from last year's 1st cuts where she posed with a pair of former squadmates. Shown posing for the camera are Keisha, Omarlla, and Lisa. As a special bonus for Omarlla's retirement after 13 seasons comes a photo from the season finale. In a photo taken from the scoreboard, Omarlla is shown receiving a customized jersey from the Bills posing with Jills Coordinator Nichole, the only one who's been with the Jills as long as Omarlla.
Keisha(2007-11), Omarlla, and Lisa (2003-06)

Nichole and Omarlla
From the Bandettes comes a photo taken at the 2nd game vs the Philadelphia Wings. Prior to the game, some of the girls posed for photos. Shown posing for a photo are rookies Kelsey and MaKenzie.
Kelsey and MaKenzie
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