Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Bandette of The Week Jessica

The UB Dazzlers have sent a few girls to the Jills and Bandettes occasionally in the past and this year, the Bandettes received 2 of them. Last week, we introduced you to Angela and now we introduce you to Jessica, our latest Bandette of The Week. Not surprisingly, Jessica and Angela had talked about joining the Bandettes during their time together as Dazzlers. In the lull between her last performance as a Dazzler and Bandettes tryouts, Jessica was already missing the thrill of performing at games as well as the teamwork involved in putting together a memorable dance performance while representing the organization, whether it be her college or the Bandits. One thing she's especially loved is getting to expand her circle of friends and knowing how close-knit the Bandettes generally are, I have a hunch she may end up spending several years as a Bandette performing and making new friends every year. As a photographer, who wouldn't love having her stick around several years given the fact that she's always grabbing a squadmate for a photo op not to mention the fact she seems to never be seen without a smile. Away from the squad, she's a market development specialist and is looking forward to growing in her career but wants to travel a lot as well, but especially to European countries like Germany and Italy. Considering her love of sushi, Japan is probably high on her list as well. Jessica's secondary photo is from just before halftime of the Blackwolves game in early February. Before escorting the Junior Bandettes out for their performance, Jessica and Sarah posed for a quick photo together.
Jessica and Sarah

From the Jills comes a photo from their Calendar Shoot Fundraiser held in September of 2008. For the price of a ticket, fans could hang out at SoHo all evening long with the Jills and get their fill of pizza, wings, and beer. Shown posing for a photo are a pair of then-2nd year vets, Angelina and Vincenza.
Angelina and Vincenza

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