Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

A few tidbits to catch up on regarding the Teasers and the Bandettes

The Teasers at the Lockport Pub in December
First up, we have the Teasers. The popular cover band based in Lockport featuring Jills alum Aimee L (2003) split up less than 2 years ago had a pair of reunion gigs the last few months and at the 1st of them, the Lockport Pub even ran out of several brands of beer. In the article on the event, I speculated that it wouldn't be the last time we saw them together and, after a successful reunion at Scruples in Newfane, they're back at the Lockport Pub on March 19. The fun starts at 9:30 and I'm sure they learned their lessons in regards to beer.
Last week, the Bandettes traveled to Toronto to cheer on the Bandits and engage in a "cheer battle" with the Toronto Rock Cheerleaders. As readers are well aware, we generally only share our own photos on this site but do occasionally share a few from the Bandettes Facebook page on our Facebook page. Those photos are generally taken by AP Photographer Bill Wippert. Unfortunately, the game in Toronto featured few cheerleader photos. Only 2 of them at showed our Bandettes at all. However, a Toronto Rock super-fan takes plenty of photos that he shares with the public of the Rock AND the Rock Cheerleaders on his Facebook. He did get a good number of them with the Bandettes as well. Check them out at
Sarah, Jessica, Karley, and Deanna with a pair of Rock Cheerleaders
The Bandettes take the field

Finally, many may have noticed that the Bandettes page on currently doesn't exist. We aren't really sure of what is going on with that. The Bandettes' bios and headshots are all ready to put up on the website and have been in the Bandits' possession for over a month. Our Bandette of The Week feature has still been going strong and has been getting a lot of attention from Bandettes fans. Without the Bandits website being up-to-date, we have 1 person to really give props to for that. This season, the Bandettes have gone without a full-time coach, with captains Mandy and Stephanie handling the bulk of the extra work.  Even with all that extra responsibility, Mandy has really come through for the fans and the girls on the squad in assuring we have information to share so that the Bandettes can all continue to get features they're happy to share with family and friends. When you see Mandy at the games, make sure to give her major props for doing this for all of us.
Mandy at the Swarm game

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