Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Bandettes join the Toronto Rock Cheerleaders in Toronto

After finally getting a convincing win in Georgia last week, the hopes for the Bandits was that they had finally solved their road woes. Friday night, they started off in Toronto for the 1st of 2 games on the weekend and were off to a good start as it seemed the 0-6 Rock couldn't do much right on the field. However, as with all rivalries, win-loss records go out the window and despite the Bandits' strong start, the Rock managed to keep it close all game long until they pulled ahead for good late in the game in this penalty-filled game in Toronto and pulled out a 14-12 win over the visiting Bandits, earning their 1st win of the season in the 1st game of a 5-game home stand.
The rivalry between Buffalo and Toronto is a storied one with hard-fought games filled with undisciplined play but Friday night, the Bandettes and Toronto Rock Cheerleaders came together for a more friendly "rivalry" as they greeted fans together and performed together at halftime. Billed as a "Cheer Battle" performance, the squads worked well together and the hope is that the Toronto Rock Cheerleaders can join the Bandettes in Buffalo for the April 16 game between the two teams. To put together the performance, the Rock Cheerleaders choreographed the dance and then sent video of it to Mandy, who taught it to the Bandettes squad before they went up Friday afternoon to practice it with the Toronto gals for the 1st time just hours before the game.
Stephanie's line before the game
Mandy's line with members of the Toronto Rock Cheerleaders
I made it up to Toronto that afternoon as well to meet up with a buddy and check out the Auto Show at the Convention Centre before the game. This Auto Show is big enough that they even had a special appearance...the Batmobile from the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie. After the show and dinner, it was off to the ACC and when they opened an hour before faceoff, we were greeted by not only the Toronto Rock Cheerleaders but Stephanie's line of the Buffalo Bandettes. We took a few photos and showed off a few as well(a few of the Bandettes were excited to see the Batmobile photos) and exchanged a few stories about our respective trips up to the 4th largest city in North America, After getting some important info about the evening's performances from Stephanie, it was off to track down Mandy's line, who were with more of the Rock Cheerleaders greeting fans coming into the game. We grabbed a few photos of Mandy and her line and even got one of all the ladies there together. I even got some big info from Mandy concerning tonight's game. Bandettes posters will be available to pick up and get autographed before the game!
A pair of the Toronto Rock Cheerleaders on the jumbotron handling in-game promotions
One thing I'll say that's critical of how the Toronto Rock handled their cheerleaders is how little they got to perform. Before and during the game, they did work with promotions for the game similar to how there was always a pair of Ambassador Jills handling in-game promotions during Bills games through 2013. However, they only got to perform during a time-out in the 2nd quarter and at halftime with the Bandettes. I just personally think that's a shame because it was apparent they're definitely talented enough to dance more than they got to and I hope that, in the future, they'll be given more opportunities to get to perform.
The Bandettes on the field at halftime
The Buffalo Bandettes and the Toronto Rock Cheerleaders performing together! 

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Up next for the Bandettes and Bandits, they're back in action tonight as the Bandits hope to bounce back from last night's loss by hosting the Georgia Swarm a week after beating them down south. The Bandettes will be stationed at autograph tables before the game signing their brand new posters so make sure to show up early to get yours! The girls have to leave the autograph tables to go get ready for the game by 7pm so plan accordingly.

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