Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Bandettes at the Bandits-Swarm game

After Friday's collapse in Toronto, the Bandits returned home hoping to get back to winning in hosting the Georgia Swarm, the same team they had beaten by a 21-14 score only a week before on the road. However, it seems that whatever Coach Cordingly said in the post-game locker room in Toronto didn't take as Saturday night seemed to be a repeat of Friday night with a few less penalties. Like Friday night, the Bandits started off strong only to see their opponents make it close before taking a lead late in the game they wouldn't give up. The Bandits now sit in 2nd place in the East, tied with Georgia and Rochester with a pair of games out west coming up before returning home to Banditland.
Our most recent Bandettes of The Week, Sarah, Jessica, and Angela
Amanda, Rachel, and Karley
The Bandettes, meanwhile, got to debut their new posters at Saturday night's game so when Bandits fans came up to the top of the west bank of escalators, they found all of the Bandettes stationed at a table handing out and signing their posters showing off 15 of the most stunning ladies in Buffalo. After I got up there, I stationed myself nearby to grab a few photos while the Bandettes stayed pretty busy with all the fans. When they did have a few gaps in the line, I made sure to grab a few pictures of the ladies. With such a large group of rookies this season, one had to wonder how they'd react to the fanfare and for the most part, they've handled it like veterans. A few of them have been really enjoying it so much that they've taken the initiative to get photos taken. When I was able to get a group photo of the entire squad, it was the result of a request of the last three Bandettes of The Week, Sarah, Angela, and Jessica. Eventually, it was time for the Bandettes to head downstairs to get ready for the game so when they went their way, I went mine, off to my seats where my buddy had been showing his brother, on leave from the Air Force, some of the sights around the arena.
Syidah, Jessica, and MaKenzie in pregame
Cheering on a goal in the 1st quarter in their Air Canada jerseys
performing during 1st intermission
The Bandettes came out for pregame in their purple shirts but once the 1st quarter started, Mandy's line was wearing Air Canada jerseys. Air Canada is a sponsor of the NLL in 2016. It was a sharp look for them although these beauties would look good in virtually any outfit.
MaKenzie, Deanna, Karley, and Sarah
Deanna giving the camera a smile before heading out at halftime
rookie beauties Jackie, Rachel, and Ti in the 3rd quarter
Mandy is more than just beautiful, she's done an impressive job as captain this season

As the game started falling apart midway through the 4th, fans started leaving and that was the Bandettes' cue to take their leave. No, they weren't leaving the arena or anything, but fans leaving the game got coupons from the Bandettes for discounts on airfare through Air Canada so when I finally headed out myself, I found the Bandettes downstairs in the main lobby handing out coupons and posing for photos.
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Next up for the Bandettes, they'll have a few weeks away from performing with the Bandits on the road but they'll be ready, willing, and able to cheer them on Friday, March 11, when the Bandits return to face the Knighthawks after 1st retiring the #11 jersey of the legendary John Tavares.

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