Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Buffalo Jills and Bandettes Photos of The Week

This week, our first photo comes from the recent Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament. This one was taken after dinner when raffle prizes were being given out. Shown posing for the camera are 3rd year vet and last year's calendar covergirl Jenica and rookie Alecia. Jenica was one of the "Phantom Angels" who went to Iraq and Kuwait about a year and a half ago while Alecia seems to be a very outgoing girl who, if she puts her mind to it, could end up being a pretty decent golfer.

Our second Jills pic was taken at the Jills Congratulatory Party held this past April at Club Paradise, also the home of the the Jills Swimsuit Calendar Release Party in September. Shown posing for the camera are Katie K, Amelina, and Omarlla. Katie is going into her 4th season on the squad and 2nd as co-captain. Amelina, the shortest member of the squad (a fact that thrills squadmate Angelina...last year's shortest) is an outstanding dancer who loves the attention of the camera, similar to Sarah of the Bandettes. Speaking of photography, Omarlla has been getting photographed for 9 seasons now. This fun-loving teacher is still learning something new with every experience as a Buffalo Jills captain and thankfully has no intention of quitting anytime soon.

This week's Bandettes photo comes from the post-game party at Pearl Street Grill and Brewery following the Bandits Championship win back in May. Going with the theme of girls who love the camera, Korinne has been dazzling us with that smile since 2001, as a Bombshell, a Bandette, a Jill, and now again as a Bandette. Sarah has been a Bandette since 2005 and if there's a game in which she doesn't strike a pose for the camera at least once, you have to think something's

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