Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The 2008-09 Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog Jill of The Week Schedule

As everyone knows, or should know anyway, this site was created to promote and recognize the beautiful women who make up the professional cheerleading squads in Buffalo, NY. But beyond recognizing the ladies as groups, we try to do a little more and have, for the past several years, given each girl a week where she gets to shine on her own as well as with her squadmates. In the case of the Jills, we call that the Jill of The Week feature. For anyone unaware of what that entails, it's simple. sometime between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning of her week, the Jill of The Week will have a solo shot, a few words about her (sorry guys, no phone numbers or anything too personal to be, a link to her official bio on the Jills website(when they're available), and another photo with squadmates all on the front page of the site and left up there for that entire week. A post will be sent out as well as notification. The photos, especially the solo shot, will be pre-approved by the Jill of The Week whenever possible, so as to portray her in the positive light that she deserves. After all, this site is for the Jills just as much as it's for the fans and what girl would want a photo she doesn't like placed online?
The Jill of The Week schedule is determined solely by the layout of the calendar. Through the first several months (September 08-July 09 this season), the girls featured that month on the calendar will be featured as Jill of The Week during that month. August 09-December 09 will be filtered into the schedule in the open weeks and the covergirl, Vincenza this year, gets the final week of the schedule.
So, without further ado,
  • 8/30-9/5 Anna
  • 9/6-9/12 Nicole
  • 9/13-9/19 Kristin B
  • 9/20-9/26 Toi
  • 9/27-10-3 Murissa
  • 10/4-10/10 Christina
  • 10/11-10/17 Alison
  • 10/18-10/24 Lisa
  • 10/25-10/31 Kristina
  • 11/1-11/7 Amanda F
  • 11/8-11/14 Jessica L
  • 11/15-11/21 Brandi
  • 11/22-11/28 Ashley
  • 11/29-12/5 Holly
  • 12/6-12/12 Eileen
  • 12/13-12/19 Liz
  • 12/20-12/26 Amelina
  • 12/27-1/2 Danielle
  • 1/3-1/9 Katherine
  • 1/10-1/16 Jenica
  • 1/17-1/23 Tiffany
  • 1/24-1/30 Katie K
  • 1/31-2/6 Laura
  • 2/7-2/13 Lynn
  • 2/14-2/20 Kelly
  • 2/21-2/27 Jennifer
  • 2/28-3/6 Kristin M
  • 3/7-3/13 Angelina
  • 3/14-3/20 Rita
  • 3/21-3/27 Dr. Amanda
  • 3/28-4/3 Sarah
  • 4/4-4/10 Stefanie
  • 4/11-4/17 Jamie
  • 4/18-4/24 Lonna
  • 4/25-5/1 Jill R
  • 5/2-5/8 Valerie
  • 5/9-5/15 Jackie
  • 5/16-5/22 Alecia
  • 5/23-5/29 Katie C
  • 5/30-6/5 Shana
  • 6/6-6/12 Omarlla
  • 6/13-6/19 Keisha
  • 6/20-6/26 Stephanie Br
  • 6/27-7/3 Dana
  • 7/4-7/10 Jill D
  • 7/11-7/17 Stephanie Bu
  • 7/18-7/24 Ayeshia
  • 7/25-7/31 Vincenza

This publicly announced schedule (it was only announced to the Jills themselves in the past) will allow everyone to know when to expect their favorite Jills on the front page. However, if you only look during that week, odds are you'll miss her in other weeks as the second Jills photo on the front page includes not only the Jill of The Week, but some of her squadmates as well.

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