Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

BVB Game pics

This year was the 2nd annual game in Buffalo for the Blondes Vs Brunettes organization, a group which pits women against one another in a powderpuff football game with the proceeds going to benefit the WNY Alzheimer's Association. Like last year, the 2nd annual game was played at Sweet Home High School in Amherst and the teams were coached by fitness trainers from Gold's Gym, the official fitness center of the Buffalo Jills.
Speaking of the Jills, they were once again involved as a pair of ambassadors and a half dozen dancers were on hand selling raffle tickets and greeting fans throughout the game. In addition, the dancers put on a small halftime performance to a medley of Bon Jovi hits, similar to their pregame performance last Sunday at the Bills Home Opener.

Danielle, Kelly, Eileen, Omarlla, Christina, Lisa, and Meghan
That was where the similarities ended. For one, the turnout was a lot larger both in the crowd and in the participants. Jills director Stephanie M didn't play this year but last year's Brunette MVP Danielle H (1998-2002) was one of 6 Jills alumni in the game this year. Also, the 12-12 tie didn't happen this year as the Brunettes took down their blond counterparts by a score of 34-18. Despite the score, the blondes seemed to have as much fun as the brunettes but are definitely looking for revenge next year!

Check out the pics at
And here's the Jills alumni roster with numbers (not phone numbers...sorry guys)
#72 Danielle H (1998-2002)
#68 Jenn C (1997-2004)
#43 Francine (2000-04)
#43 Kimberly (1996-99)
#17 Amanda F (2001-03) and Bandettes (2006-07)
#8 Dana (2008)

Stay tuned for info on next year's game as well as other events like the kickoff party.
Coming up next for the Jills, they've got 97Rock Away game parties at the Aud the next two weeks. They'll be there to help with prizes, sign autographs, and pose for photos as well as to watch the Bills win some games. The Aud will also have drink specials, 50-cent wings, and a halftime buffet for the game as well.

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