Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Monday, April 11, 2011

2011 Buffalo Jills Open Workshop

The 2011 Jills captains and co-captains
It's that time of year again as the Buffalo Jills are starting work on putting their 2011-2012 squad together and this year, the Open Workshop was held at the Buffalo Bills Fieldhouse. In addition to all the vets looking to make a comeback, there were a lot of new faces as well in Orchard Park on Sunday learning about becoming a Buffalo Jills Cheerleader. This year, we even have 4 ambassadors who are at least looking at transitioning over to dance.

Everyone listening to Stephanie's opening introduction
After Stephanie introduced herself and everyone to all the prospective rookies, the group was split in two with the veteran dancers and several prospective rookies joining the dance captains at the other end of the Fieldhouse to learn the routine. Meanwhile, Steph and Nichole went over the basic requirements and rules about becoming a Jill with the ambassadors and rest of the dancers.

Learning the routine, 3 prospective rookies with Michelle, Gabrielle, and Jill
After the first groups got their information on dance and requirements, the groups switched with Steph and Nichole talking with the rest of the rookie dancers. The rookie dancers they talked to earlier joined several veterans who stuck around to learn some more with the captains in the dance area.

Alyssa, Angelina (Not trying out...sorry guys) and Amanda F

See all the photos at
We did shoot a bunch of videos at the workshop, though not the demonstration video we shot last year due to time constraints. There's still a lot of work to do with the videos though so they'll be up later in the week.
Thursday night, the place to be is Gold's Gym on Wehrle Drive In Williamsville for all interested dancers and ambassadors who either missed Sunday's workshop or just want some extra work with the captains and get more questions answered. The fee for this workshop is $20 for the full 8-10pm session or $10 if you're just going to get info. Get all the details at
On Sunday at 1pm, 1st cuts will be held at the Buffalo Bills Fieldhouse. This session is open to the public and everyone looking to try out is asked to try to show up around noon if possible to allow for time to check in and get prepared to perform.

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