Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Congratulations to the 2011-2012 Buffalo Jills!

Last night, final cuts were held at Citadel Broadcasting in Buffalo to select the 2011-2012 Buffalo Jills squad and when all was said and done, a squad of 38 girls was selected.
While we are waiting to see a squad photo, we do know who has made the final cut
  • 12th season: captain Omarlla
  • 6th season : captains Christina and Valerie
  • 5th season: captain Keisha, co-captains Lisa and Laura, Amanda F
  • 4th season: Murissa
  • 3rd season: co-captain Loren, Alyssa, Courteney, Ruby, Gabrielle and Nicole
  • 2nd season co-captain Natalie, Amanda V, Emily, Gina, Jaclyn, Jill, Lindsey, Morgan, Reena, and Sara
  • rookies: Kristina, Briana, Kelly, Beth, Melissa H, Jennifer P, Krystin, Jami, Jessica R, Myesha, Rebecca, Jessica M, Shannon, and Miranda
A couple of notes:
  • Gina was a rookie ambassador last season and switched to dance this season
  • rookies Beth and Melissa H have actually been covered by the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog longer than any current Buffalo Jill except Omarlla after switching over from the Bandettes
All the girls can find their schedule and expectations at

Congratulations to all vets and rookies alike

Finally, 97Rock has a new video up with scenes shot at the Jills Optional Workshop at Gold's Gym last week as well as at 1st cuts at the Fieldhouse

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