Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Videos from Jills 1st cuts

This year, after getting more videos last year, I decided to ensure everyone got video coverage of their tryouts at 1st cuts. Unfortunately, a technical issue with my video camera caused me to miss 1 pair of girls...and rest assured, I plan to make it up to Emily and Nicole in some way because the 2 of them looked great and had a fantastic performance.
At the start of the day, after the audience had mostly settled in, the dance captains and co-captains performed the tryout routine so that everyone knew what they were going to be seeing and expecting from everyone. Later in the day, they came back out and performed one of the routines the squad performed at some of the Bills games late in the 2010 NFL season.

Many vets paired up together after practicing together and many of those pairs wore matching outfits. Amanda V and Jill, 2 girls who were rookies last season, tried out together last year without planning to and decided to pair up again this year as they figured "why mess with success?"

See all the videos at
I said it when I posted the photos the other day and I'll repeat it...everyone who tried out this year, whether they made it through 1st cuts or not, should be proud of themselves because it can't be easy putting yourself out there like that in front of judges and the public the way they did on Sunday. Anyone who didn't make it shouldn't give up if becoming an NFL Cheerleader is what you really want. Many noted Jills over the years missed the cut before trying again to make it.
2nd cuts are going on tonight with the final cutdown on Thursday at Citadel of luck to all those going through a tough process.

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