Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Buffalo Jill of The Week Angelina

This week, we take a look at sadly, one of the season's early departures from the squad in 4th year vet Angelina. Before she left, she could be found anchoring one end of Omarlla's line next to Jaclyn where she got in front of the camera a lot in 2010. Known by the fans for her 5' frame, those that know her know that her height is the only small thing about her. As proof that big things come in small packages, she had one of the biggest smiles on the squad over the course of her career. In addition to her smile which she's rarely seen without, she's got a personality to match as she's one of the most extroverted girls I've known the past several years. Before joining up with the Jills, Angelina also spent some time cheering in Division 1A after dancing since the age of 4 but wanted to move up to the big leagues and got to cheer in 2 MNF games as well as a HOF game during her time on the squad. She also got to appear on The Mayne Event along with Brianne in an episode focused on then-Bills RB Marshawn Lynch and a very small bit of what Buffalo has to offer. Angelina's secondary pic comes from the preseason game against the Bengals. In a shot from the 2nd quarter, we have Kristen, Angelina, and Jaclyn performing in the tunnel end zone.

As seen in her video from tryouts with Kelly, Angelina's dance ability is also one of the things she's big with.

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